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How to contact the Pommade team?

You can contact us on the mail contact@pommade-skincare.com or by phone at

How to get beauty advice?

To obtain a diagnosis, you can click on this link … and if you prefer to ask a specific question you can contact us by mail contact@pommade-skincare.com or by phone at

Delivery and order:

Who should I contact if I have a problem with my order?

You can contact us on the mail contact@pommade-skincare.com or by phone at

Can I get a refund?

The reimbursement is done on a case by case basis, I invite you to send an email to the following address contact@pommade-skincare.com explaining your situation.

Where can I have my order delivered?

We deliver our products only in France for the moment. Later on, we plan to expand our distribution.

How can I access my order tracking?

Your tracking number can be found on the last email that was sent to you after the validation of your order.

Products :

Does Pommade have the organic label?

Pommade does not yet have the organic label because it is an expensive certification. However, the ingredients used are natural and organic, so we will ask for them when the brand is more developed.

Why are allergens present in the INCI of the serum and the cream?

Some of our products contain floral waters or essential oils. The hydro protective serum for example is formulated with two floral waters. For legal reasons, we are obliged to indicate the allergens present, even if their quantity is minimal. So don’t panic, our cosmetics are ideal even for pregnant women and people with ultra-sensitive skin

Is Pommade a natural line?

Pommade is a 100% natural brand that was developed by Christine, an expert in cosmetics. The marriage of 100% natural and unprocessed ingredients associated with active cosmetics has given life to Pommade THE brand with ultra powerful components.

What justifies the prices?

The care products of the Pommade range are made with precious ingredients of high quality. Moreover, for a good efficiency, we have added super-powerful and precious actives. Concerning the packagings, we preferred to use glass in order not to degrade the quality of the product and also for their good conservation.

Why is there no SPF?


Divers :

How to subscribe to the newsletter?

To subscribe to the newsletter, just go to the bottom of the home page or click on this link (…)

What payment methods are accepted?

We accept, payments by cb, strippe, payplug

Are my online purchases secure?

(Demander des arguments à Elysa pour justifier)